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Railway transportation is an integral part of the transportation of cargo, especially in Russia - a country with a long land length. The possibilities of transportation by railway are set by the presence of railway tracks and junctions in a particular geographic point, however, due to the large ramification of the railway network, they are almost ubiquitous.


Advantages of railway transportation:


  • regularity of railway communication
  • high speed of delivery
  • reliability
  • low costs


There are many types of transportation of goods by railway: transportation in wagons, open wagons, on platforms, in tanks, thermos-wagons, etc. Container transportation is also widespread today.


Individual selection of services


By entrusting the railway transportation of goods to the logistics company "Moya Logistika", you get a wide range of services. First of all, this is the development of an optimal scheme for the delivery of your cargo by rail in accordance with your needs and tasks.

Based on serious practical experience and knowledge in the field of railway transportation, the specialists of LLC "Moya Logistika" will offer you the most rational route and delivery time, as well as guide you by the type of delivery and calculate the transportation cost.

Today, using railway transportation, we carry out delivery in the formats "door-to-door" and "door-to-destination station", among which we can choose the one that suits you.


When you order "door-to-door" transportation, we:


  • serve a container or wagon for loading at the shipper
  • carry out railway transportation of cargo
  • accept the cargo at the destination station
  • forward the cargo to the address of the consignee


Providing a "door-to-destination station service", we only perform the first two steps for you. If necessary, we also carry out loading and unloading operations with containers or wagons.

During the entire time of the cargo transportation, we track its progress; customers also have the opportunity to conduct daily monitoring of the location of their wagon or container until it arrives at the destination station. The package of services also includes full insurance of the cargo from the moment it is received by our transport forwarding company until it is handed over to the consignee.


RZhD (Russian Railways) container transportation


The core business of LLC "Moya Logistika" is container transportation.

Container transportation is the most practical type of cargo transportation. Due to the versatility of containers, they can be easily transported by many types of transport: marine, motor and, of course, railway.

Almost everything can be transported in containers, and they are convenient for any volume of cargo, since modular containers are formed with small cargo spaces.

At the point of shipping, the cargo is placed in a container, if necessary, securely fixed in it and closed; it is possible to seal the waggon in the presence of the customer. The sealed container is not opened during the entire journey, being transshipped at the transshipment points in a closed form, which significantly speeds up the logistics of transportation. Only the consignee himself opens the container.

Container transportation is fast and reliable.


Advantages of "Moya Logistika" in the field of railway transportation


We also provide services for storing cargo in a covered warehouse.

The work of the staff of LLC "Moya Logistika" is distinguished by high qualifications, clarity, responsibility and attention to each client.

A large share of the total volume of railway transportation in our company is the transportation of special equipment and cars. Experience shows that container transportation is optimal for transporting cars. They ensure cars safety and protection from precipitation and other external influences. When transporting oversized special equipment in wagons, we use our own fastening schemes, which are distinguished by rationality and reliability.

Railway transportation of cargo with LLC "Moya Logistika" is the optimal time and costs, convenience of interaction and confidence in the safety of the cargo.