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Foreign economic activity today is experiencing rapid development, which is the reason for the active movement of goods across the border. Accordingly, the burden on the customs authorities increases, control over the import / export flow is tightened, and the import of goods potentially dangerous to the life and health of the population is suppressed. In such conditions, at the stage of customs clearance (declaration, clearance or simply "customs clearance"), unforeseen difficulties may arise that can affect the delivery schedule, which in turn leads to loss of time and additional financial costs. How to get through customs clearance in the shortest possible time and without unnecessary delays?


Professional approach


LLC "Moya Logistika" provides assistance in the passage of the customs clearance procedure for cargoes coming from Southeast Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan), as well as America and Europe, in the ports of Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Vostochniy and at land border crossings. Thanks to many years of experience, professionalism of employees, close cooperation with various departments and divisions of regulatory authorities, we will provide prompt customs clearance with minimal time and material costs. Our specialists monitor changes in Russian legislation, in particular the Customs Code, the peculiarities of its application (locally precedents), perfectly know the rules for the registration of any categories of cargo in accordance with the current regimes, which makes it possible to make decisions professionally and quickly, to react instantly in any situations.


Our services


Today, many believe that the business associated with international transportation is troublesome and unprofitable precisely because of possible difficulties at customs. Undoubtedly, if you open a new staffing unit in the company (perhaps more than one), conduct training, obtain a license (renew it), and so on, then it will not be difficult to go through "customs clearance" on your own, but will the costs incurred be justified, especially if there are rare, one-time supplies. It is more expedient to transfer the solution of these issues to outsourcing of LLC "Moya Logistika". Our company offers a comprehensive list of customs clearance services, including:


  • Service of export / import / transit operations.
  • Classification of cargo (selection of codes) according to FEACN (TN VED).
  • Preparation, filling in all the necessary documentation for filing a customs declaration.
  • Selection and calculation of the optimal amount of fees, duties, customs value of goods, the implementation of mandatory payments.
  • Obtaining the necessary certificates, sanitary and epidemiological conclusion, as well as other permits / accompanying documents for certain groups of goods, ensuring fast customs clearance.
  • Control over the implementation of customs procedures, if necessary, representation in government bodies on the client's side, defending his interests.
  • Placement of cargo in customs and temporary storage warehouses.
  • Information and consulting services on all questions arising from the client regarding international cargo transportation and much more.


The company "Moya Logistika" will carry out competent customs clearance of any cargo, including those requiring special storage and transportation conditions, as well as multi-consignments (the number of items of goods may exceed several thousand).

The main goal of the "Moya Logistika" company is effective assistance in the development of our clients' business at all stages of international cargo transportation, including customs clearance. If required, we are ready to provide our services 24 hours a day.