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Having been engaged in international transport logistics for many years, the company "Moya Logistika" confidently states that our specialists professionally know the situation, the legislative framework and effective mechanisms, which allows us to brilliantly conduct operations in the framework of international cargo transportation as a whole and work on each stage separately.

Customs clearance of cargo is a transport path where there is a responsibility for the slightest mistake. The customs authorities are not interested in whether you knew about the new norms of the Customs Code or made a typo in the declaration due to carelessness - the cargo will remain at customs until the errors are completely eliminated, and this is a day or two, failure to meet deadlines and loss of profit ...

Customs transit clearance - a procedure carried out in respect of goods transported from the customs authority of departure to the destination authority. Simply put, in order to deliver a cargo from China to a point in Moscow, it must cover the territory of almost all of Russia. The basis for the unhindered transportation of goods is a permit for customs transit.

Customs transit is divided into 2 categories


External customs transit (ECT) is the movement of cargo through the territory of Russia to the customs authority of destination located outside the Russian Federation. Internal customs transit (ICT) is a procedure within which goods are transported to a destination located in Russia.

A client who is engaged exclusively in trading may not be aware of the latest amendments to the Law. For example, he decides to send containers from China with a prohibited cargo, and immediately gets into the Black List of customs authorities, permanently blocking his access to foreign suppliers.

A customs transit permit is issued on the following conditions:


  • The cargo is not included in the list of prohibited goods;
  • There are all documents confirming the carriage by customs transit;
  • The cargo has passed border control;
  • There is a transit declaration;
  • The cargo is identified in accordance with the provisions of Art. 109 of the Customs Code of Russia;
  • There are no complaints about a vehicle preparing for transit transportation (there are seals, stamps, necessary equipment).


Customs transit


Customs payments are made in different ways: in cash, property pledge, a bank guarantee or surety are accepted. The choice of the type of payment is up to the client.

In order to avoid delays and other troubles, entrust the clearance of customs transit to the competent specialists of the company "Moya Logistika", as we will take into account all the legislative nuances, organize cargo transportation to the desired destination without delay and charge a low fee for the service.