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Motor transportation is an indispensable part of the delivery of any cargo, since even with marine or railway transportation, the cargo from the unloading point to the warehouse door is most often delivered by car. But, being an integral element of combined delivery, motor transportation is widespread as an independent type.

Freight forwarding company "Moya Logistika" is ready to offer you both types of services.


Advantages of cargo transportation by motor vehicle:


  • high speed
  • the ability to deliver goods even to the most remote and inaccessible places
  • the ability to transport any kind of cargo and low prices

Depending on the needs of customers, the company "Moya Logistika" performs:

  • container transportation
  • auto delivery of complex and oversized cargo

In the case of delivery of complex and oversized cargo, we use specialized transport and reliable cargo securing schemes developed by us.

Along with container transportation, it is also possible to deliver groupage cargo by road across Russia.


Company services


In the field of motor transportation, we offer our clients the following types of services:

  • advising clients on the choice of the most suitable route for cargo delivery
  • delivery of cargo in the "door-to-door" format – i.e. to your warehouse, office, store or other specified address
  • control of the process of loading into a container or vehicle and strict adherence to the stated transportation conditions
  • cargo escort services
  • protection of cargo along the route
  • registration of insurance
  • execution of customs formalities with the involvement of a customs declarant.


Types of motor transportation


The geography of our motor services is extensive, it includes motor transportation in Russia, as well as combined motor transportation from/to the countries of the Asian region.


Domestic motor transportation


Domestic motor transportation is carried out to all cities of the Russian Federation.

Along with the delivery of goods in the Far Eastern and Siberian regions, we carry out delivery to the European part of the country, including motor transportation to Moscow.


Combined motor transportation


Combined transportation, which includes air, railway and motor transport, is also a popular service of LLC "Moya Logistika".

Combined motor transportation is convenient for international transportation: cargo from abroad is delivered by plane, and then by road or railway. This type of transportation is indispensable for delivery to remote areas.

The convenience of combined transportation also lies in the fact that they are carried out in the frames of one contract.

Motor transportation with "Moya Logistika" is clarity, speed and respect for your property!